Children should have learned basic kindness early in life….????

Children should have learned basic kindness early in life….????

27745Happy Monday! So, last week I was cleared to wear a simple ankle brace.  Hooray! This weekend was absolutely beautiful outside and so summer like.  My family and I spent a lot of time outside!

My oldest son had a sleepover at my parents on Saturday night.  Those make for great memories! I love that my boys are very close to both sides of the family.  Keeps the grandparents very active in the lives of their grandchildren as well.  My oldest son draws pictures and makes gifts for them when he goes to visit.  Little kind gestures go a long way to make people happy.  Which is a very important reminder for today’s society.

I encourage my boys to make people smile instead of cry.  Compliment rather than name call.  Be truthful rather than lie! Greet people and say goodbye when coming or going.  These small things make a big difference today.  Everyone is too busy to acknowledge anyone or even repeatedly teach their child these small gestures.  It takes a village to raise a well rounded child! First it starts at home! Then it can be reinforced through caretakers, teachers and community.

Last week i attended open house! I received so many nice compliments about my son.  I can not take full credit for him being the way he is.  I had a lot of help from my husband, my parents, in-laws, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and community.  I was told out of 22 kids….he was 1 out of 2….that actually said thank you when something was handed to him.  Something that should be very natural is because we aren’t taking time to reinforce kindness.  Kindness should be a priority!

Now,  lets flash forward to this morning.  My son was outside waiting for the bus.  An older lady walks by without even turning her head….not one word.  She just looked forward and couldnt be bothered.  My son and I both looked at eachother.  Goodmorning is very simple but I guesss saying nothing is even simpler.

My point is that if you aren’t teaching your child at a young age about kindness then it won’t come natural.  Please and thank you should be like putting on a seatbelt when you get in a car.  Without it….you should feel like something is missing.

I’m so worried about our future! I want these children to be able to communicate.  Not through text but verbal communication.  They need to have natural grace and be able to look a person in the eye when holding a conversation.  Teaching this as early as birth is what it takes.  My 2yr old says please and thank you and his words are very minimal.  It starts young! Take a step back from your busy life and work on these traits before it’s too late and becomes unnatural.

Let’s see our children grow and succeed! We need to focus more on teaching to respect and be kind.  The rest will all come easily with a well built foundation!

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