Motherhood At Its Best!

Motherhood At Its Best!

15358269116456397660408727639546Happy Labor Day Weekend! Motherhood is made up of so many highs and lows and add multiple children to the mix and it can be rather interesting.  For the past three days my baby boy has been teething like crazy as his front teeth start erupting from the gumline.   He has been extremely cranky along with a constant flooding of drool while chewing on anything that he can get his hands on.  I feel so bad for the little guy! He is normally a happy giggling little fellow who sleeps so well.  These past three nights….he’s been waking everyone up several times a night.


When I say he’ waking everyone up….he did indeed! My two year old is definitely not getting the required sleep he should be receiving!  Can I say hot mess!  He woke up this morning crying…whining and throwing a fit over any little thing.  He is so overly tired that he wont go down for naps easily as well.

My oldest son is showing signs of lack of15358274219342373153632203166606 listening to which I will blame on lack of sleep as well!  Ironically,  I pulled a baby tooth of his yesterday that was looking like a snaggle tooth since an adult tooth was growing in behind it.  Everytime I pull one of his teeth…he laughs and cries at the same time!  Lol. Sometimes I wonder how I got the job of pulling loose teeth?!  Just putting in perspective I have two more boys to go… Oh boy!!

1535828088691314049454565080471Motherhood is such a mixture of jobs.  We are nurses, chefs, maids, dentist, law enforcement,  laundry person, personal driver, wardrobe coordinator, personal assistant as well as working women.  I’m sure I left out many more titles! I told my husband it’s about time for another date night.  Ladies/moms it is so important to still make time for you!  Getting wrapped up with kids needs all day and all night can be stressful as well as exhausting.  Us moms are working crazy hours if you include mom job! Give yourself a break and at the very least plan a once a month night out! You deserve it!  It will benefit by resetting your brain and allow you to let things go a little easier.

Until next time!


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