Never Wrong to Live, Laugh and Love!

Never Wrong to Live, Laugh and Love!

1535564494266363625318994756409Morning all! Last week we received a phone call that a close family member had passed away.  He had been battling a disease for years and he finally gave into it after years of being uncomfortable and in pain.  They were prepared but didn’t realize how soon this all would happen.  Loved ones never want to let go!

This morning my husband and I went to a very small memorial service at the gravesite to pay our respects to a well respected business man, father, grandfather and husband.  He was very well liked and respected in our community.  He did very well for himself during his lifetime here….but you would never know because he was very down to earth and easily approachable.  He wasn’t a materialistic person by far!  His didn’t want a big wake or a huge funeral.  His wishes were for immediate family to hold a small memorial service and to think about him but dont dwell on his death.  He is now at peace.

For the ones left behind, the pain seems to run deeper.  A mourning widow, an only son and his wife and two grandsons that lived next door to them since as long as they can remember.  Leaving this world seems like the easy part…it’s the people you leave behind that have it rough.  Time will heal the hurt but he will always be remembered by all!

I walked away with such a sadness for the living for they will go home and look at old memories and re tell stories of old times but this time with one less person in the room.  One day those stories will be shared with great grandchildren and great great grandchildren.  It’s amazing how life cycles!

So, my thought of the day…..cherish every moment because life flies by so fast!  Stop dwelling on the small things that can get fixed or maybe not.  Take lots of pictures! Hug often! Love as much as you can because you never know when your time is up or if it’s the last time you will see a loved one.  Life is too short for any regrets!


Talk to you soon,


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