Setting Goals For the New School Year!

Setting Goals For the New School Year!

15354801842636356796706928386213Good afternoon!  Its been an interesting day! My first day back at working…running my own family day care! I just got everyone down for naptime/quiet time.  I’m pretty exhausted and my body hurts just trying to get back into the swing of reality!

Next week is going to be full swing and full load of kids.  I’m excited to start off a brand new school year!  I’ve set up a curriculum for my little ones and I am putting my best foot forward and using all the techniques I read up on.  September will be the theme ” all about me”.  My kids will be learning all the letters of their first name and I’m going to introduce a few sight word/popcorn words.  I was so impressed on how fast they picked up on colors, months, days of the week, and seasons last year!  Every day is a new experience working in a daycare and I tend to try different approaches to learning….some stick and some get the boot.

Summer leaving  so soon is a little bitter sweet!  Im certainly going to miss my oldest son going off to first grade.  He isn’t looking forward to the new school year because he had such a rough class last year.  Im praying things go so much smoother this year and he makes friends easily.  He opens up so easily and loves to talk and talk and talk! He is also very involved in karate and lacrosse. He was a first place winner in his grade level science fair and did well in all areas of coursework.   He does a great job!  Now….he needs to find friends in his class for his sanity and mine. Lol

My two younger kids are very happy at home with their daycare friends.  They are still learning how to share, use words and my youngest son to walk.  They have it super good!

My goals this new school year is to heal up fast, keep eating healthy, make new friends myself and lose weight! I’ve been putting myself on the back burner for the last couple years…. getting married, having babies and all of lifes memorable moments and miracles.  This is the time for me to get healthy…mentally and physically!  I have a clear mind for the new school year!

What are your goal(s)?



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