Manners and Children are like Oil and Water!

Manners and Children are like Oil and Water!

My son had a friend sleep over the other night and I was so impressed by how polite this little boy was.  When his mother came to pick him up….I complimented her and her husbands parenting skills.  I haven’t seen a kid speak so natural in a long time.  I myself am constantly reminding my boys to say please and thank you.  Repetition! Repetition! Repetition!

This brings me to an article that I read about someone interviewing parents and asking one simple question.

“Who is the most important part of your family?”

Todays parents all said the kids!  What’s interesting to me is the older generations all said the parents.  This is the difference between todays children and we as children.  Entitlement should be respected and earned.  If we put our children at the top of the family then they never need to earn it and feel entitled.  Boundaries are a great thing!  They are set in place to protect your child and teach them respect.  Children need a parent to look up to as a role model and not a friend to be equal or lesser.  I can’t believe how many times I’ve witnessed a child talk down to a parent.  I dont blame the child….children will push boundaries whenever possible!  We as parents set those boundaries.

We as parents need to teach our children manners and etiquette.  This isn’t something your child will pick up on their own.  Some basic manners that I reinforce are simple but need to be repeated everyday.  I don’t assume because I said it once that it’s taught! Repetition, Repetition, Repetition!

1) say hello when you enter a room and look at the person you are greeting

2) hold the door for anyone behind you

3) knock before entering

4) ask before taking someone else’s things

5) dont pick your nose or wipe your snot in front of anyone

6) say thank you when someone compliments you or gives you something

7) dont make fun of anyone

8) no negative comments…only compliments

9) when someone is speaking to you…look at them and speak clearly

10) if someone needs help….help them! (If this is a stranger..make sure it’s ok with mom or dad)

These are ten simple manners that most children don’t willingly do!  Todays children are our future.  They are our product.  Lets not set them up for failure! They need to earn their way to the top.  We as parents need to prioritize our importance! We provide shelter, food, clothing, toys, education, and love to our children. Just think! If we weren’t here…..our children wouldn’t exist! So…Moms!  Appreciate yourself!! Treat yourself and allow your children to respect you.

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