Kids having Chores Make for Successful Working Adults

Kids having Chores Make for Successful Working Adults

img_458284WARNING: if your child is 3 years of age or older, and they are not doing chores regularly, you are not helping them internalize key character traits such as accountability, team-oriented attitude, and humility. These are not just traits we would like them to have, these are traits they MUST have if you want them to survive in a future job market where children from other cultures are brought up in families where they don’t call helping the family a chore, in fact they don’t call it anything. It is just understood that this is part of being part of The Family.

Written by Dr Brunner

This morning, I hobbled to my chair with a nice hot cup of coffee and looked around at my toy filled cluttered living room.  I’m sure every mom reading this knows exactly what our kids can do in a matter of minutes.  Tornado!

I of course shook my head because I knew my kitchen was a disaster as well from all the baking and ice cream cake making from the day before.  The kitchen and the living room were not cleaning themselves.  So, I recruited my 6 year old to clean up the living room and vacuum all the rooms in our home while I cleaned all the dishes and cleaned all the kitchen countertops.  Just think, I was able to have a clean home in half the time it would have been done….if I just did it myself!  I also taught my son responsibility and not to feel entitled.

So, please read the article and make a chore chart for your kid(s)! It not only helps you as a family but helps your child learn so much!!

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