Rainy Day Fun With Your Kids

Rainy Day Fun With Your Kids

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Morning Moms! It’s a rainy dark and dreary morning here on the east end of long island.  I’m drinking a nice hot cup of coffee and feeling all cozy in my chair.  I was reading many posts on FB…. moms asking for recommendations on “what to do” with their young children on this rainy day.

I have to say I highly reccomend the library.  Libraries have a great kid room to play and have fun as well as pick books out to take home and read.  I signed my boys up for summer reading and they both reached their goals to receive prizes and an invitation to the summer reading party.  The library had a balloon guy, circus guy, music fun and a live animal show.  They also have many craft making events, baking and ice cream making.  My two boys are currently signed up for storytime and yoga in their age appropriate groups.  Just think….this is all free!  Why pass up something fun and free?

The library is a great place for your children and yourself to meet new friends and enjoy the environment.  Leave your everyday stress at the door and pick a great novel and let your child play or join a fun group.  Libraries are so under utilized and are such an accet to your childs literacy and communication skills.  So, on that next rainy day when you can’t decide what to do….get up and support your local library!  They will love it!!

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