Is Your Child a Picky Eater?

Is Your Child a Picky Eater?

15337653168902425302957021980537Hi! Everyone knows I had an accident and I have to remain non weight bearing as much as possible.  When I heard this, my brain went  into instant diet mode.  When I went on my trip I was going to come back and start a diet and exercise routine.  Unfortunately, that has been delayed until all is healed.  All I could invision was myself expanding in my chair if I did not eat well. My 600lb life in the making. Lol I started myself and my family on the clean food crush diet.  This diet doesn’t recognize processed foods but offers a well rounded diet plan.  I have to say the recipes are spectacular! My kids have always been great eaters but sometimes my oldest son has to be encouraged to eat his veggies.  I am very blessed in the topic of dinner and my kids eating. I have seen many kids that are extremely picky eaters only living off of chicken nuggets, hot dogs, mac and cheese and pizza.  The parents have given up and dont even bother offering new foods because their child refused to eat anything else.  Their child will not taste test and pushes the plate away in discussed.

I read an article that acknowledges that moderate to severe picky eaters can be an indicator for a medical issue that may need evaluation.  Picky eating along with anxiety issues can be an issue that coincides with deppression. Moms, please dont dismiss this for just going through a phase. Some may complain of textures or complaining of having a bad experience the first time they tried a particular food. This might be true but if the child shows anxiety and refuses to retry, then there might be a bigger problem that needs to be addressed.  This does not pertain to the child who won’t eat their vegetables once in a while or a child who got sick and vomited up a certain food.  Please, do not be that parent that does not want to acknowledge an issue….be proactive!

I thought this article was very interesting and informative. I hear so many parents complain about their childs eating habits. Childhood depression has been on a rapid incline and it’s very scary! We as parents have to be aware of any indicators that could effect our childrens future!

The link to the article is listed below…read it and let me know what you think!

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