Reminder: Your Child is in the Backseat!

Reminder: Your Child is in the Backseat!

15336655642544101109267889485253Morning! To all my moms out there!  Recently there has been much debate about the new vehicles having a back seat baby reminder safety feature. I read a Facebook post and majority of mothers were very insulted by the fact that society has come to this point.  Other moms were very up front and voiced that it could save lives and thats all that matters.  A few individuals even told their story about leaving their child in a carseat by the door and driving down the road and quickly turning a round to pick up their baby.  They commented they had mom brain….too hectic!

As a mom, life can be very hectic and crazy and as we add more kids to our pack it gets even crazier! I personally cringe everytime I hear a horror story of a child boiling to death in a car or dying from hypothermia.  I hurt for the family and for the parent but I also always ask the same question! Come on i’m human… “how does this happen?”  My question isnt to be judgemental but to understand.  From articles I’ve read a lot of them said the other parent usually is the main care giver during that time, parents were overtired or there was a lot going on that day.  Mom brain might actually be a thing! We are human and we make mistakes and in this case it was an accident that those parents/ caregivers will have to endure for the rest of their life.  I couldn’t imagine and never want to!

Now, I had to read up on this safety feature because I didnt really know what it’s about.  According to the car companies,  child deaths have been on the rise since 1998.  This car feature was built in to remind parents that there is something in the backseat.  The company also recommended this reminder for a laptop, briefcase, or any items that you may forget back there.  They also assure the buyer that you can disable this feature.  So moms that feel insulted….you can turn it off!

Now, this feature is all fine and good but it brings another question to my mind.  What if this feature has a glitch and another child dies because the parent depended on this reminder? Will that person sue the company and place all blame on the company?  This brings me back to the Facebook post I was talking about in the beginning.  The original writer to that post was not talking about the horrible deaths of the children but speaking of us as parents/ society.  We as parents have responsibilities to our children and their safety. Its seems very obvious that we need to slow down in our lives and think things through step by step rather then taking short cuts.  Taking short cuts unfortunately can lead to fatal mistakes!  Every parent on that page had something in common….we love children and dont want to see them hurt!  The only difference was that one side wants parent responsibility and the others like the reminder but also believed it could potentially save a life. Ultimately we all want to fix the problem!

Before I started this blog…i was more concerned about society then with this feature.  Parent responsibilities and keeping a vulnerable child safe is always my priority.  I have three kids! I walk out of my home with three and I come back with three.  Even if that means leaving a purse or a cell phone elsewhere!  As I stated before…I fully understand accidents happen and I feel for the children and parent/ caregiver that have been a statistic.  After reading up….I believe that people who lead a hectic life or admit to mom brain should most definitely utalize the feature because they are right as well! If that feature saves even one life it is well worth it!

I try to evaluate the situation with some type of logical explanation.  I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts… please comment below!

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