Ever Feel Guilty Asking Your Child to do Chores?

Ever Feel Guilty Asking Your Child to do Chores?



I’m sitting in my recliner with my foot up drinking a cup of coffee and brainstorming.  Over the past 3 weeks I have been quarantined to my chair directed by my dr. because I have a broken ankle and broken bone in my foot.  I’m suppose to be non weight bearing for at least 6 weeks.  Let me remind you that I have a 6 month old, 2 year old and a 6 year old.  So these highly recommended directions are a bit not possible at this time in my life. Lol .  My two little guys are pretty helpless and need more attention then they can give.  So, that leaves my 6yr old to help me as much as possible.  Do I feel guilty? Should I feel guily? No, I don’t and these are my reasons why!

Every morning my son Noah wakes up.  I ask everyday for him to clean up his room: make bed, open curtains and turn off night light, put clothes in hamper and all stuffed animals on bed. On his list he also needs to bring trash cans up from the driveway.  Clean up after eating (dish scraped and put in sink) and clean table after we are all done eating.  Clean folded clothes need to be put in drawers (his own clothes).  Toys need to be picked up and put where they belong.  I’m sure I ask a few more things but probably not on a daily basis.  Sometimes he does chores without any fuss and other days it like pulling teeth and nails!

Moms, our kids have it so good! Some moms would probably read my list and say “my kid would never do that list” or “it isn’t worth the fight” or best “my kid is incapable of doing these things”.  Other great reasons are: no time /too busy and kids should be kids!

Let’s take a moment to take a look back to the pioneer days….1800’s.  The young boys and girls were expected to be young adults and if these chores were not met….this meant life or death!  Their chores included: collecting firewood, feeding livestock, cleaning pens, hunting, collecting buffalo chips, churning butter, milking cows, collecting eggs, planting and harvesting crops, fetching water, cooking, cleaning and quilting.  I’m sure the list is even longer! Just think….the weather or season didn’t matter.  These children were very capable of learning these trades and didn’t think any different because this was  the way of life.

Moms out there… start writing a list! Make your life a little easier and allow your kids to clean up or help out.  Sometimes it might not be the way you would have done it but you can teach them the way you like it.  Being kind to yourself will also allow your child to blossom into a young lady or gentleman.

My son always had chores that were age appropriate. My temporary disability forced me to release my reigns.  I allowed myself to depend on my husband and my son to help out more! I’ve learned my 6yr old is very capable and hopefully one day will pass his knowledge on to his younger siblings.  Three little helpers is much better then one tired mom.  Moms, I hope this blog allows you to lighten your load….we all deserve it!

Until tomorrow….








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