Our Family Vacation

Our Family Vacation





In March, I planned a family cabin camping trip to Blairstown, NJ.  I surfed the web for a vacation spot that wouldn’t be any longer than a 3 hour drive considering my young boys were all cooped up in an overly packed Ford Explorer and  it was the end of July.  My husband was just as excited as the boys because we were going to the location where the original Friday The 13th took place.  My oldest son couldn’t wait for the day we went to the Land of Make Believe.  I couldnt wait to just get away! Lol. We get to our beautiful campground and the people were so wonderful at check-in.  We hurry up to our cabin and walk up to the door but our card wouldn’t open the door.  So, Scott and the boys walk down and start to get into the car.  I walk down two steps and the last one must of been a little high because I rolled my ankle so hard and fell to the ground. Ugh! It hurts so bad I almost passed out.  My husband being the kind hearted person he is…..ran over and helped me up slowly.  I hobbled to the car and we drove up to the office to retrieve a key that we should have received initially.  The staff was apologetic once again.  All of the campers were so pleasant and one nice lady gave me an ace bandage to wrap around my ankle.  Dispite the pain I endured I kept going because my family memories were all I could think about.  My boys went to the pool, road bikes, walked the campground, played on the playground, ate s’mores and walked around Blairstown.  My husband kept right up with them as I hobbled along trying to keep up.  The day we went to The Land of Make Believe I barely made it through the gate before I broke down in tears because my ankle and foot hurt so bad.  I hobbled over to a picnic table and sat with my youngest son while I encouraged the rest to go have fun and take pictures.  I think an angel was looking over me because 3 rides later the sky opened up into turential downpours.  We ate lunch under a covered picnic area watching the sheets of rain and flooding.  The rain finally stopped and the groundskeeper let us know we would get a rain check.  We left and drove back to our beautiful campground with the expectations of taking another trip back to The Land of Make Believe.  We packed up the next morning and drove back to the island with plans of going back to the cabin on the campground.  My boys, husband and myself were a little sad to leave such a peaceful community but know we will return one day.  We got back to town and I asked my husband kindly if he could drop me off at a local walk- in drs office. He dropped me off and took the boys home to start un-packing while I got checked by a Dr..  Sure enough I did have two broken bones from that fall.  I broke my ankle and a bone in my foot.  I dont regret any part of my trip and loved every moment of it! I am a Supermom! I sit here writing this blog with a aircast on my foot.  Moral of the story…..go on vacations.  You dont have to go far or spend tons.  It’s great for your mind, body, and soul!!









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