Do You Need a Family Vacation? Here are some good reasons why you should start planning!

Do You Need a Family Vacation? Here are some good reasons why you should start planning!

76373679-vector-illustration-of-cartoon-family-vacationI always loved going on family trips growing up and I still reminisce with family about all the good times we had. Now I have the pleasure of planning trips for my own family every year! I decided to do a little research to find out the benefits of taking vacations and I was surprised to see how many articles were written.  They all pretty much had the same reasoning and some had research to back it up.  I’m going to share with you reasons why you should start planning your next family vacation and not think twice!

Some obvious reasons were: spending quality time with family, lay back and relax, making memories and experience new things.  But did you know that a large percentage of kids feel closer to their parents when they go on vacation? Our lives at home are very hectic and our minds are running in many directions leaving the kids not receiving complete attention from us.  Vacation decreases stress for both parent and child and leads to both being in a great mood.  Less arguing is always better! Kids chimed in and also said that parents are more fun and they saw a different side to them. Both parent and child were able to openly discuss issues they wouldn’t be able to at home. Parents!  Let your hair down and plan that next trip …A.S.A.P! Lol

The crazy tip that I read…..Parents are better off spending money on vacation than spending money on toys! Family vacations are valued by children in the moment and for years after.  A toy is for that moment and a couple weeks after…if that.  Family vacations are beneficial to brain development.  New experiences that are strong and that are combined with social, physical, cognitive and sensory lead to a higher IQ.  These experiences also lead to great memories and better coping methods later in life.  Kids that went on family trips growing up went further in education and became successful adults.  If this doesn’t push you to plan a family vacation…what will?!

Thanks to reading articles from parent circle,, famifi and stuffed suitcase. I was able to  compile many great reasons to plan family vacations.  It truly is great for the mind, body and soul!

So moms out there….plan that next vacation! It doesn’t have to be expensive and extravagant.  You could plan a trip nearby and still receive the great benefits in this blog! Happy planning on your next adventure😊


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