My Story

My Story

20180707_133754Hi! I’m Jen! I’ve spent 17 years working with animals and the last 2 years running my own family daycare business.  I’m happily married to my husband Scott and have 3 boys ( Noah 6yrs, Lucas 2yrs and Ethan 6 months).  We also have 3 cats and an old cockerpoo named Jake.  I changed career paths 2 years ago to be able to work and still have the luxury of taking care of my children.  Running a daycare isn’t all play! Lol  Running a daycare is filled with schedules, rules and lots of dirty diapers but I wouldn’t give it up.  I love being able to encourage learning and see my child and other children firsts!  Surprisingly, I joined Facebook and Instagram about a year ago from the push of promoting my business.  I have been hooked since!  I started this blog to share my story and maybe help other mothers with this fast paced daily life we live in.  Being a mom isn’t easy and sometimes it can be tricky.  What works for one child doesn’t always work for the other.  I will blog about parenting, health and fitness, crafts and recipes.  I’m here to help and make things easier! I’m here to turn you from an ordinary mom into a Supermom!


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